Variable Charge – from 01 July 2016 to 30 June 2017


Variable Charges

Bands Monthly Consumption Charge/kilolitre (Excl VAT)  Drought tariff
1 Up to and including 30 kl R 15.77 R 16.95
2 Over 30 up to and including 100 kl R 18.89 R 20.78
3 Over 100 up to and including 300 kl R 20.50 R 23.58
4 Over 300 up to and including 800 kl R 19.84 R 21.82
5 Over 800 up to and including 5000 kl R 18.70 R 19.63
  Over 5000 R 16.95 R 17.80

Nelspruit Aerodrome

Metered Consumption   R 20.12 per kiloliter (Drought R22.13)


Connection Charges

Item Detail Charge
1 Connection fee for new consumers R  126.17
2 Connecting new domestic premises to nearest main (including meter) Material Cost plus 25%
3 Connecting new business premises to nearest main (including meter) R  3,154.87 or Material Cost plus 40% whichever is the highest
4 Disconnection/Reconnection after supply disconnected under Municipal By Laws and Consumer Rules R  441.69 per disconnection/reconnection*
5 Issue of Reminder Notice R  157.76

Note:      Prior to reconnection the outstanding amount owing plus interest, plus reconnection charge must be paid.


Deposits are required prior to the connection of a supply. Deposits will be refunded, after deduction of outstanding amounts, when the consumer leaves the concession area or terminates supply.




1 Domestic Low Pressure Supply R  630.94
2 Domestic High Pressure Supply R1,892.90
3 Domestic – Pensioners R  473.24
4 Business High Pressure Supply R 5,994.25 or projected two months average water charge whichever is the maximum.

Meter Charges




1 Special Meter Reading No charge
2 Meter Test requested by customer

  1. If meter found to be faulty *
  2. If meter found to be correct*
No charge

R 1,577.44

Note        See Section 4.3 of the consumer rules for details of testing standards.

Note:      For any other work not specified above, the charge will be based on the cost of labor and materials plus an on cost of 40%

Water Pressure Tests




1 Pressure Test R  394.36