New Connection Application

Application for service (water and wastewater) connection or and opening of Sembcorp Silulumanzi account can be made by visiting our Customer Services Office. Each applicant will need to fill in a New Connection Application Form and sign a Service Agreement with Sembcorp Silulumanzi.

What documents do I need if I am a new owner?

  1. ID
  2. Deed of sale
  3. Offer to purchase
  4. Company documents
  5. VAT registration number
  6. Owner to come and sign an agreement
  7. Proxy if owner can not come to Sembcorp Silulumanzi
  8. Must be authorized to sign Service Agreement.

I am building what would I need?
An investigation will be lodged before the meter can be installed.

        Documents needed before investigation and payment:

  • ID document or Company Documents
  • Deed of sale or Offer to purchase
  • Proxy if owner can not come to sign agreement.
  • Come and sign an agreement
  • LG Map/ Stand Map
  • Owner must apply in their name for an account and water meter.

Pay the applicable meter cost and deposit after investigation has been completed.

When will there be water at my property?
Seven (7) working days after all the necessary documentations have been submitted, Service Agreement signed, investigation completed and the  necessary fees have been paid.

What if I need a bulk meter, how long would that take?
Fourteen (14) working days after all the necessary documentations have been submitted, Service Agreement signed, investigation completed and the necessary fees have been paid.