Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions Of Purchase For Direct Purchase Orders

1) Sembcorp Silulumanzi must be notified in writing immediately if part or the whole of the order cannot be executed by the date stated in the order or any agreed variation thereof.

2) Delivery/Advice Notes quoting the relevant Sembcorp Silulumanzi order number must accompany the goods.

3) An invoice in accordance with the order shall be delivered/posted to the address indicated in the order.

4) The word “Order” and the number allocated to the order by Sembcorp Silulumanzi shall be quoted by the supplier on all correspondence, documents and packaging.

5) The risk of the goods shall remain with the supplier and shall only pass to Sembcorp Silulumanzi after official written Sembcorp Silulumanzi acceptance of the relevant Delivery Note.

6) Goods will only be received as regards to number and condition of packages. Inspection for compliance with Sembcorp Silulumanzi requirements of the goods will take place within seven day of delivery after which it will be accepted or rejected the risk and expense of the supplier until removal thereof.

7) Payment will be made within 30 days of date of statement and the acceptance of the goods by Sembcorp Silulumanzi.

8) If the supplier fails to deliver the goods or render the service on or before the dates stated in the order, Sembcorp Silulumanzi may reject such goods or service provided that seven days’ notice by telephone (to be confirmed in writing) has been given to the supplier.

9) Should the supplier fail to remedy the defective goods or service within seven days Sembcorp Silulumanzi may elect to cancel the order, return the defective goods and purchase the goods or acquire the service from another source. The supplier shall be liable for any additional cost.

10) Only change in Value- Added Tax subsequent to the order date shall be for Rand Water’s account. No other variation in cost shall be for Sembcorp Silulumanzi’s account unless provided for in the quotation or tender and accepted by Sembcorp Silulumanzi in writing.

11) The order shall in all respect be construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of South Africa and any competent South African court shall have jurisdiction in all disputes arising between the parties in regards thereto.

12) The supplier shall not assign or cede the order or any part thereof to any other person/organization without the written agreement of Sembcorp Silulumanzi.

13) The supplier undertakes to comply with the provisions of Section 10and 22 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act. 85 of 1993, insofar as they may be applicable.